Concur Invoice for small and midsize businesses

Automate AP to cut costs, save time, and make more strategic decisions across your business.

Every company can benefit from AP automation

7073彩票地址AP automation isn’t a luxury reserved for big, complex companies. Small and midsize companies, where employees often need to wear many different hats, can also benefit greatly and do more with less when they automate AP. With Concur Invoice, businesses and business leaders can:

  • Get near real-time visibility and make data-driven decisions
  • Drive sustainable growth
  • Optimize performance and spend less time on tasks like data entry
  • Take control of spend and be more profitable

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Assess your AP process and see if your business is set up for success

7073彩票地址For many businesses, shuffling paper is still how AP is managed. The result is often unhappy AP professionals, working much harder than they need to, on tasks that should be quick and easy. Take this AP risk assessment and see how well your business is running.

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Success Stories: Recordati Rare Diseases

Recordati Rare Diseases provides therapies to underserved rare disease communities in the U.S. By implementing Concur Invoice, the company cut its invoice processing times in half, freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks.

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Get a near real-time, consolidated view of your budget and take control of your company’s spend.

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Automate invoice matching to spot exceptions and mismatches,?catch?errors, and eliminate manual tasks.

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Invoice Capture?

Eliminate paper invoices and data entry to improve accuracy and accelerate turnaround times in your?AP?process.

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Purchase Request

Control?spend before it happens, prevent fraud, and drive policy compliance across?your?organization.

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Invoice Reporting

7073彩票地址Get more from?Concur Invoice with reporting tools that can?help?cut costs, spot trends, and manage cash flow.

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SAP Concur has a better way to handle spend management

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