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Spend management solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses

Automate processes, cut costs, and make more informed decisions for your business.

Automate financial processes to see the unseen, thrive, and grow

Your company is sitting on a wealth of spend data that, if managed efficiently and properly, can unlock valuable insights that help you control cash flow, plan for future growth, enforce compliance, and mitigate risk. How? Automating expense and invoice processes is a first step that many businesses have taken and found value in.

7073彩票地址To compare your current AP process to an automated invoice system, download the infographic.

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Travel management for businesses of all sizes

You don’t need to be a huge enterprise to have a corporate travel-management solution. SAP Concur has solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses that aren’t ready for a fully managed travel program.

  • Simplify the entire travel process — from bookings to expense reports
  • Make it easy for employees to book from any device
  • Monitor bookings for policy compliance
  • Find employees in emergencies and fulfill Duty of Care

Learn more Learn about Concur Hipmunk

Be more efficient and make employees happy

7073彩票地址Business success and employee happiness aren’t mutually exclusive. Our connected solutions can help you get expenses under control, improve your business’s bottom line, and save employees from tasks that waste time and cause frustration.

  • Eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors with automated tools
  • Give teams more time to uncover growth opportunities and think strategically
  • Control spend and cash flow as your business scales

Watch a success story (Heritage Bank)

Grow your business and build community with SAP Concur

In the age of big data, success in business is all about who and what you know. SAP Concur solutions simplify and automate processes, give you access to valuable insights about your organization, and connect you to a larger community that can help get your business where you want it to go.

  • Unlock data you didn’t know existed
  • Make day-to-day processes more efficient with tools employees love
  • Drive growth, mitigate risk, and make strategic decisions
  • Increase policy compliance and spot fraud

Increase visibility, drive policy compliance, and keep employees safe with SAP Concur

Concur Expense

Integrating all of your expense data means you can manage your?company’s?spend anywhere, anytime.

Learn about Concur Expense

Concur Invoice

7073彩票地址From purchase requests to invoicing to payments. Save time and money when you automate your AP process.

Learn about Concur Invoice

Small Business Travel

7073彩票地址Get complete visibility on travel spend, drive policy compliance, and keep track of employees on the road.

Learn about SMB Travel

Concur Locate

7073彩票地址Keep employees safe and connected in an emergency and fulfill your Duty of Care obligations.

Learn about Concur Locate

Concur Drive

7073彩票地址Take control of employee-reported mileage with automatic distance capture, documentation, and reimbursement.

Learn about Concur Drive

Concur Detect by AppZen

Uncover compliance errors by analyzing receipts, credit card transactions, and bookings with artificial intelligence (AI).

Learn about Concur Detect by AppZen

SAP Concur has a better way to handle expense management

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