Payment Solutions

Pay vendors and employees on time and simplify the entire payment process.

Take control of invoice payments and optimize spend management

Making sure payments and reimbursements are both accurate and made on time can be complicated. By automating your system for paying vendors and employees, you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate errors from manual processes
  • Integrate the invoice and expense payment process
  • Ensure predictable payments that maximize rebates

Is your AP automated The cost of manual

Benefits and Features of Payment Solutions

Help AP drive growth

Automation streamlines expense reimburements and credit card payments, speeding up reimbursements by 67%.

Pay on time, every time

Ensure corporate card payments are made on time, every time, to reduce late fees. Also, let employees know when they can expect reimbursements.

Increase control and visibility

An automated, end-to-end payment system gives you more visibility into spending and reduces fraud and errors.

SAP Concur has a better way to handle spend management.

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