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Get accurate and on-time reports with Concur Expense

Automated, fast, and accurate expense management.

Make expense reporting simple, fast, and accurate

Creating expense reports is simplified when charges from credit cards, select suppliers, and receipt photos pre-populate in Concur Expense.

  • Automatically categorize and map expenses based on receipt images
  • Streamline expense management
  • Enforce policy compliance
  • Reimburse employees faster

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Use our ROI calculator to see how much your company can save by reducing the time it takes to process expense reports with Concur Expense*

How many employees at your company file expense reports?


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Typical number of expense reports filed per year


# reports filed

For a customized ROI report, please visit our ROI calculator.

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7073彩票地址* The information provided via this tool is for discussion, planning or informational purposes only and are not binding on either you or SAP Concur. SAP Concur pricing is subject to change anytime without notice.

Automate and improve the expense reporting process

7073彩票地址 Concur Expense is designed so your organization can easily enforce spending policies, capture receipts, process expense reports and make better business decisions based on timely, accurate data.

Manage business expenses easily with mobile apps

Employees can capture transaction data, snap a photo of receipts, and submit expense reports – while your managers can quickly review and approve expense reports.

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Streamline expense management with e-receipts

Automatically populate expense reports using electronic receipts from airlines, hotels, restaurants, and ground transportation services.

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Achieve better visibility with systems integration

7073彩票地址Get a timely, accurate, and comprehensive financial picture and better reporting by integrating your travel & expense solution with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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Reconcile expenses with card integration

7073彩票地址Manage and reconcile business expenditures made through a wide range of company card types.

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Gain a single, accurate view of your expense data.

7073彩票地址Easily take action and control spending with detailed reporting, dashboards, and analytics at your fingertips.

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Track your expense data securely

Rest assured your data is secure. SAP Concur is certified in and audited for compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 1 / SSAE16, and PCI standards.

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Contact us about a better way to handle spend management

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